3D Networks changes its name to 3D Infosystems as it grows beyond network services

New corporate name highlights the company’s expanded focus to help companies modernize operational technology and automate processes to support rapid business transformation

Singapore, 20 May 2022: 3D Networks, a recognized partner in ICT solutions, has changed its company name to 3D Infosystems to reflect its evolved business portfolio.

The new name reflects the company’s business transformation from an infrastructure solution provider to an applications solution provider. 3D Infosystems aims to help companies digitize their daily operations and improve productivity through innovative and cost-effective web and mobile-first solutions. As part of its latest business direction, 3D Infosystems will be delivering solutions such as FCS1 and other customized software solutions that ensures increased operational efficiency.

FCS1 is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Operations Management solution that digitalizes the way businesses work. Converting business processes over to a digital workflow will not only simplify complex and outdated methods of operations, but also provide organizations with meaningful insights into their operations. FCS1 is currently used globally by many leading names in the hospitality industry. “3D will be introducing FCS1 to all other industries, including but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, institutes of higher learning and service providers,” shared Yoon Mun Chiew, Group CEO.

FCS1 addresses daily operational challenges like:

  • ensuring consistent standards of service across departments;
  • operating with reduced manpower;
  • overcoming the difficulty of tracking jobs manually;
  • miscommunications and lack of accountability for services rendered;
  • manual reporting with forms or spreadsheets.

With FCS1, organizations can streamline different aspects of operations management seamlessly. Customers can package a management solution that is unique to their individual business needs by picking their preferred combination of modules.

While FCS1 meets the general operational needs of the organization, some organizations require solutions that address the unique workflows for the specific industries. 3D Infosystems have extended their services to include tailor-made solution offerings that integrate with any organization’s Enterprise systems and IoT solutions for real-time data.

“3D complements your business success with a continuous improvement process service that achieves incremental improvements or, in some cases, a breakthrough improvement,”commented Mr. Yoon. With these two solutions, 3D Infosystems will help businesses achieve their digitalization goals, creating confident working teams equipped with data to make better decisions, and thereby fundamentally changing the way they operate to create an even more efficient output.

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