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XDR is here!

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August 25th
@ 2:30 PM SGT


EDR is no longer enough, experience the complete picture with Trend Micro XDR

XDR is an emerging industry approach that extends EDR’s insight into a broad range of sources endpoints, servers, networks, email, and more. Join our Live Event and learn how the XDR approach takes advantage of detailed activity telemetry from its sources, enabling more meaningful correlation and enabling rapid detection of subtle chains of malicious activity.

Register today and get the full XDR experience, a power-packed 1.5-hour virtual event that will show you how XDR can break down the silos that exist between products, with visibility across security layers. You’ll gain real-world insights from leading analysts, senior leaders, customers, and Trend Micro security experts, including their CEO, Eva Chen.


Click here to check out the program and the full list of presenters. 

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