Osterman Research White Paper

Filling the gaps in Office 365 Data Protection

Shield Office 365 from unforeseen risks

Do you really need to backup Office 365?

Office 365 offers basic protection to deal with some of the things that could damage your data, but there are things from which you are not protected. Moreover, there are side effects to some of the optional protection features. Even Microsoft recommends that you regularly backup your content and data using third-party apps and services. Find out more from W. Curtis Preston, Chief Technologist, Druva.

Most organizations are not aware of the retention and recovery limitations that come with their user agreement, until it is too late – leading to loss of business-critical data, and burdened with recovery costs, time, and tedious efforts.

Our partner, Druva, has partnered with Osterman Research to develop a white paper that reveals:

  • The hidden risks to cloud application data loss in Office 365
  • Why third party backup and recovery tools are desperately needed
  • How companies are using Druva to protect their office 365 data from unforeseen risks

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