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Lower Cost, Improve Reliability of Backup and Recovery with AWS

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October 9th
@ 3 PM SGT

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Build scalable, reliable, and secure data protection in the new business normal


The exponential growth of data worldwide has made the intensity of data-protection more challenging than ever before.

Business continuity depends on the efficient, uninterrupted flow of data across an organization – from operations to sales to fulfillment. Even a brief lapse in workload continuity can mean thousands of lost sales opportunities, disruption to production, and compromised customer trust. Organizations need a proactive cloud disaster recovery strategy that will help them stay up and running in the event that their physical infrastructure is unavailable for any length of time. Remember, backup alone may not be enough.

AWS offers diverse storage services, data transfer methods, and networking options to build backup and data protection solutions with unmatched durability and security, cost-effectively.


Christian Rota, Storage Segment Lead, AWS
SJ Tan, Corporate Account Manager, Druva

Join them for an in-depth webinar session focused on:
• Different backup models and AWS Services to meet the needs of diverse workloads
• Using AWS for Disaster Recovery, whatever your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) or Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
• AWS Partner Druva’s SaaS Solutions for Backup, Recovery and Disaster Recovery

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