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While the world is slowing lifting the self-imposed restrictions, many businesses and offices are still working remotely to slow the spread of COVID-19. The exponential growth in the number of staff working from home is putting unbelievable pressure on virtual private networks (VPN), impacting worker productivity at an already difficult time. Preventing cyber attackers from gaining a foothold in your network through a remote worker’s unsecured computer is pivotal for business continuity.

3D is stepping in to help businesses stay resilient, protected, and compliant while allowing employees to work remotely.  For scaling security in this time of crisis, we recommend using  Menlo Security’s VPN offload services. This solution enables a remote workforce wherever users are located, while ensuring that your business remains as secure as if your employees were still working in the office.

That is why we are introducing an offer of FREE VPN offload services during this COVID-19 pandemic. Reduce VPN traffic up to 90%, while providing secure access to the Internet and phishing protection.

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