On April 6th, following the announcement by Singapore’s Prime Minister on the “Circuit Breaker” policies, we had shared with you a short update on our business continuity plan during this period. In that update, we had mentioned that we had made an application for exemption as an Essential ICT Business (as defined here).

We are pleased to inform you that we received our confirmation on 14 April 2020 to operate as a business providing essential services.

As such, as stated in our previous update, we will remain fully operational to serve you during your time of need. We have taken the necessary steps to minimize business disruption during this period while ensuring that all proper precautions and safe distancing measures are in place.

The current situation is unpredictable and constantly changing. For assistance and for any updates, please contact your 3D representative or contact us here. Until then, please continue doing what is needed to remain safe and sound as we get through this together. Thank you for your continuous support.

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