On April 3rd, the Prime Minister of Singapore announced that “Circuit Breaker” policies will be implemented across the country. Following that announcement, we want to provide you with a short update on our business in Singapore.

Business Continuity
3D intends to remain fully operational throughout this period. Businesses are relying on our services and technology now more than ever to continue operations of their business during this time. Since our services are essential, we have made an application for exemption as an Essential ICT Business (as defined here), and we expect to have an approval in the next 48 hours.

Team Availability
We have already implemented safe social distancing practices in all work sites and we will continue to enhance those measures to ensure we do our part to reduce the chance of spread. As part of our Business Continuity Plan (BCP), our entire sales, operations and support teams have been working from home (WFH) on a rotational basis since March 16th. With effect from April 1st, the whole team is working from home until further notice. You can reach out to them through the usual channels. We are confident about our preparedness to serve you through this ‘Circuit Breaker’ period, which is scheduled to be in effect for the next 4 weeks (ending May 4th).

Resident engineers at customer sites will continue supporting customers based on their operations policy. For customers with no existing on-site support, our engineers will continue to provide hardware maintenance support when required. Engineers will also continue with implementation of essential services, subject to customer company policies during this period. Our engineers will continue to take every precaution necessary to do their job while maintaining safe social distancing practices.

Business Delivery
While we will ensure business continues as usual, please anticipate some delays in the following areas:

  • Delays in quotations as some quotations are dependent on countries that are currently experiencing a lockdown
  • Delays in delivery as a result of logistical issues that arise from principals or distributors based in countries that are experiencing a lockdown
  • Delays in implementation for clients that have closed offices due to a lockdown

The entire 3D team is committed to the protection of our staff and the maintenance of our partnership with you during this challenging time. We wish you and your loved ones the very best and we hope that all of you do what is needed to remain safe and sound as we get through this together. Thank you for your continuous support.

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