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XDR is here!

Trend Micro’s new product is now available for 3D customers 



Trend Micro™ – XDR is here

Our valued partner, Trend Micro™, has launched a brand new product! Watch as our very own Nazmul Khan, Regional Service Director for 3D, introduces you to Trend Micro™ XDR.

XDR – What is it?

Trend Micro™ XDR collects and automatically correlates data across multiple security layers: email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks.


Beyond the single vector
Connecting email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks provides a broader perspective and a better context to hunt, detect, and contain threats.

Correlated detection
Powerful security analytics correlate data across the customer environment and Trend Micro’s global threat intelligence to deliver fewer, higher-confidence alerts, leading to better, earlier detection.

Integrated investigation and response
One place for investigation simplifies the steps to achieving an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across security layers with the ability to take response actions from a single place.

XDR – Why you need it?


Prioritized view of threats across the organization:
By correlating threats across the organization and adding expert threat intelligence, AI, and big data analytics, security personnel will get fewer, more meaningful, and richer alerts— prioritized by severity.

More effective analysis:
With native integration into email, endpoints, servers, cloud environments, and networks, XDR sensors benefit from a deep understanding of data sources. This results in more effective analytics, compared to having third-party integration through application programming interfaces (APIs).

Clearer contextual view of threats:
By viewing more contextual alerts across more threat vectors, events that seem benign on their own suddenly become meaningful indicators of compromise. This allows you to connect more dots into a single view, enables more insightful investigations, and gives you the ability to detect threats earlier.

Reduces time to detect and stop threats:
Collapses the time it takes to detect, contain, and respond to threats, minimizing the severity and scope of impact.

Increased effectiveness and efficiency of threat investigation:
By automatically correlating threat data from multiple sources, XDR speeds up and removes manual steps involved in investigations and enables security analysts to quickly find the story of an attack.

Not sure if you need XDR is the right solution for your organization? Reach out to us for a discussion.

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